Proposal: splitting the network package

Graham Klyne GK at
Thu Jan 17 12:32:58 CET 2013

On 17/01/2013 10:45, Gregory Collins wrote:
>     - the current Network.URI is not a great module to begin with

This may well be true, but I'd like to understand why you say this.

>     - do we need a library to handle URIs in the platform at all? I would
>     argue for its complete removal here. If necessary, after a deprecation
>     cycle we can just throw that code into HTTP. It makes sense for it to live
>     there (do we want to be providing people with APIs that use String these
>     days?), and we don't contribute to package proliferation.

If Haskell Platform is to be a serious contender for web applications generally, 
I claim it MUST have a good URI implementation.  And URIs are about far more 
than just HTTP, so I think simply treating them as part of HTTP doesn't entirely 
hack it;  they also underpin aspects of XML and linked data applications, 
somewhat independently of HTTP.


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