Proposal: splitting the network package

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Thu Jan 17 11:45:51 CET 2013

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Graham Klyne <GK at> wrote:

> At this stage in Haskell/HP life, I'd place a high premium on backwards
> compatibility - having existing software break because other packages don't
> pay sufficient attention to this issue is a factor that IMO impedes wider
> take-up of Haskell as a serious application development platform.  I see
> this discussion is a symptom of that.

I agree. My take on these issues:

   - no, the uri package cannot be "hijacked" by us
   - the URI stuff can and should be moved out of network, but to be done
   properly it would need to get a deprecation warning for at least one
   platform cycle. There's been a lot of this breakage-without-warning in the
   core libraries lately -- directory-1.2 freshest in my mind -- which IMO we
   should stop and try not to tolerate in the future.
   - the current Network.URI is not a great module to begin with
   - do we need a library to handle URIs in the platform at all? I would
   argue for its complete removal here. If necessary, after a deprecation
   cycle we can just throw that code into HTTP. It makes sense for it to live
   there (do we want to be providing people with APIs that use String these
   days?), and we don't contribute to package proliferation.

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