The bytestring package has moved to github

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I don't like git, but it -can- do everything I need and the existing community around it is enormous. 

Saying we can compete with some spit polish on is analogous to all the companies that try to compete with facebook with a "social" makeover of their site.

You can't reclaim the marketshare when its slipped this far away from you.  All you are doing is throwing good effort after bad.

I treat any package I see with a darcs repo listed as effectively unmaintained. 

This is a prejudicial judgement and it is unfair to those who do maintain their packages, but I'm not the only one, an it isn't a view entirely without merit.

I have to use git, I have to maintain a github account to tweak lots of things in other ecosystems, so I need to know how to do all the fiddly git operations anyways. 

I used to enjoy using darcs, but that isn't enough for me to keep paged in enough of an operational understanding of it, set up another account and get around to contributing to a project on a darcs hosting site.

Add to that the sheer number of job offers and consulting opportunities that arise from people who see my work on github, and it becomes a actively detrimental to me to split my presence between the one where everyone is and some haskell backwater.


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> On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 12:07 PM, Dan Burton < at> wrote:
>> If we invest more heavily in then perhaps we wouldn't have to defect to github. Sadly, it will take a lot of effort to bring darcs hub up to match github standards.
> To be honest, this will never happen. GitHub has 147 employees ( paid to make GitHub great. Darcs is great in many ways, but we need to move on as a community. Lets not insist on using Darcs when GitHub serves the community better. We want Haskell to succeed (for some definition of succeed), not any particular piece of Haskell software.
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