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Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 19:18:14 CET 2013

Here's the state of platform as I see it shaping up for 2013.2:

Proposals in flight for 2013.2:

   - *case-insensitive:* looking good - will require *hashable*
   - *attoparsec: *looking good
   - *JuicyPixels:* people like the idea of having a library like this one,
   perhaps even this one, but there is concern that this API hasn't baked
   - *OpenGL *&* GLUT:* there is a proposal to remove these. The HP
   versions are very stale, and the new versions would require inclusion of
   packages* ObjectName*, *StateVar* and *Tensor* which has not met with
   approval. I would like to see those three packages removed, the modules
   folded back into OpenGL, and put under Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.

Proposals we need for 2013.2:

   - *hashable:* required by case-insensitive, no proposal yet

Proposals I'd like to see for 2013.2:

   - *unordered-containers: *though, perhaps Johan is going to meld that
   into *containers*? I'd like to see the development plan for this (and *
   hashable*) settled.
   - *aeson:* we need this in the platform, as JSON has become ubiquitous.
   It requires settling *hashable* and *unordered-containers*.

Proposals that will take some more thought, hence not likely for 2013.2:

   - *test-framework* & friends: these require a number of other packages
   like *ansi-terminal* and *hostname*. I suspect they should all just go
   in, but it will take some time to review and prep all that.
   - *criterion* & *statistics:* both require a number of smaller packages
   we don't have like *erf* and *math-functions*. Again, will take time to
   sort out.

Areas still looking for good candidates (if these are simple could make it
this round):

   - simple db like dbm or sqlite support
   - file utils for common file system manipulations
   - logging
   - 2D graphics - perhaps gloss and/or diagrams?

- Mark
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