need package maintainer's input for Haskell Platform

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Fri Sep 28 15:48:21 CEST 2012

For the upcoming HP 2012.4.0.0 release I'd like package maintainers to
confirm of which version should go in the release.

I have not received input on the following packages, listed with who I
think the maintainer is (which might be wrong):

   - *cgi* — Anders Kaseorg
   - *html* — Don Stewart
   - *parsec* — Antoine Latter
   - *regex-base*, *regex-compat*, *regex-posix* — Christopher Kuklewicz

If these are your packages, please see the message below and contact me
directly ASAP. If you know these please please ping them gently for me. :-)

If I don't hear from them, I'll use the same version that is in 2012.2.0.0,
which will not be the latest version. (Except for html, so I suppose Don is
off the hook... but I'd still like to hear confirmation!) I will release
the version list on Monday, October 1st.

- Mark

On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 6:06 AM, Mark Lentczner wrote:

> You are receiving this e-mail as hackage lists you as the maintain of one
> or more packages that are part of Haskell Platform (or are being considered
> in active proposals). The list I have is given below - you are all bcc'd so
> that replies will go directly to me.
> I need your help to get the next release of Haskell Platform out:
> *1. **If you are not the current maintainer of the package(s)* I think
> you are, please let me know immediately. If you are a mailing list, please
> let me know the key individual contact for this sort of communication, as
> it is going to happen with every HP release.
> 2*. **Which version of your package(s) should be in the next release of
> HP?* In the past we always bumped to lastest on Hackage, but that has
> caused some instability of the HP build, and stability is what it's all
> about. So, please, let me know the exact version of your package that
> should be in HP 2012.4.0.0.
> At present it looks like HP 2012.4.0.0 will go out with GHC 7.4.2, so
> versions should build against that. Please let me know if there would be a
> difference if we shipped with GHC 7.6.x.
> — Mark
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