Compilation of directory package on GHC 7.4

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Thu Oct 4 16:46:41 CEST 2012

This is probably the best place to talk about the directory library, and
where the maintainers will listen.

The directory package, while being on Hackage, is distributed with GHC. As
such, the a given version of GHC generally only uses one version of
directory. I would only expect bug-fix versions to work. For example, GHC
7.4.2 released with directory therefore we don't expect directory
1.2.x.y. to work with GHC 7.4.z. It might, but no assurance.

All that said, I think a patch to make it work with 7.4 is great.

For future reference, the source repo is here:

- Mark
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