can't understand the Cabal manual. flag, manual

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On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:25 AM, Roman Beslik <rabeslik at> wrote:

> {{{
> manual: boolean (default: False)
> By default, Cabal will first try to satisfy dependencies with the default
> flag value and then, if that is not possible, with the negated value.
> However, if the flag is manual, then the default value (which can be
> overridden by commandline flags) will be used.
> }}}
> Can I interpret this as {{{
> First, Cabal tries to satisfy dependencies with the default flag value.
> Second, if the flag is manual, Cabal tries to satisfy dependencies with the
> negated flag value.
> }}} ?

That describes it in the default case.  The point is more that it will try
all possibilities for a flag which is not "manual: True" but only use the
exact setting specified in the latter case.

> {{{
> This file should contain of a number global property descriptions and
> several sections.
> }}}
> Maybe it's my English

The author typoed or possibly had an editing accident, I think; the words
are scrambled.  Native English speakers may well do what I did the first
time and correct it without noticing.

"This file should contain a number of global property descriptions...."

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