Call for consensus: addition of split package to platform

Brent Yorgey byorgey at
Tue Aug 21 20:48:28 CEST 2012

Hi everyone,

Following the great feedback I got on the initial proposal, and after
testing with the GHC 7.6 release candidate, I have just released
split-, which I am proposing for inclusion in the HP.  The full
proposal, links to previous discussion, etc. can be found on the wiki:

Comments, questions, constructive criticism, etc. are still welcome,
but this time around I hope we can build a consensus as to whether it
should go in the platform or not.

I would also like people's opinions on the one big question remaining:
whether to use cabal's mechanisms to conditionally include some code,
allowing the 'build' function to be taken from GHC.Exts when
available, or defined manually otherwise.  This would make split fully
H2010-compatible. The currently released version does NOT include
this, so it is H2010-compatible but GHC specific.  The options are:

  1) just use a generic version of 'build' (simplest option)

  2) use only GHC's version of build (slightly faster)

  3) do the conditional thing to choose between 1) and 2) at compile
     time (most general but most complicated/cumbersome)


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