ANNOUNCE: hecc-0.3

Marcel Fourné marcel at
Fri Apr 6 13:43:04 CEST 2012

Hi again,
this is the third release of hecc, the Elliptic Curve
Cryptography Library for Haskell, to be found at
(or simply by "cabal install hecc")

The changes since hecc-0.2 have been numerous, from simple fixes of
a standard curve definition (NIST p521), to addition of the sometimes
requested NIST p384, to addition of a wholly new F(2^e)-backend (only
prime curves can get boring). Also: small stuff I can't remember that

The new F(2^e)-backend is broken for some functions, has hackish
datastructures and horrible performance, but should give an outlook
into some parallelism achievable once it is fixed. It was also the
basis for further work, which will eventually land here.

REMEMBER: This is very much ALPHA-stadium work, please test it yourself
and don't do bad stuff to me if things fail or change in the
future due to my fixing the worst parts.  ;-)

I haven't forgotten the crypto-api, but my life has been turbulent and
my thesis took quite some time (plus: randomness extractors and other
stuff needed), so please bear with me or send further patches like the
good ones that came in already.

A happy long weekend to you (dance if it suits you),

Marcel Fourné
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