protocol-buffers updated

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Tue Mar 22 01:11:09 CET 2011


  Thanks for the help and patches for Haskell protocol-buffers/hprotoc.
 I have updated this to version 1.8.3 on hackage and the darcs
repository may lag a few days.  The program is working for me with
ghc-7.0.2 on Haskell Platform (64-bit!) for OS X.

  Generated files now include LANGUAGE headers that I hope have the all
the needed flags.  The generated files have an internal change where the
Prelude and protocol-buffer libraries are now imported under different
qualified names.  I have tested this but I may have missed something.

  Package protocol-buffers-descriptor has been built against the
descriptor.proto from google's version 2.4.0 but the supported features
are still on par with google version 2.3.0.  In particular I have not
tried to add syntax support for the new way of specifying default
options of message type.  Does anyone need this?

  Dr. Chris Kuklewicz

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