cabal install cabal-install with the latest HP on Mac OS X

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Tue Mar 15 16:36:33 CET 2011

Is this ticket related? This person was also running
cabal install cabal-install, thus downgrading:

I wrote:
>> I installed the 64-bit version of the recent
>> Haskell Platform release on Mac OS X 10.6.6.
>> ...the first thing I did was to run
>> 'cabal install cabal-install'
>> To my surprise, cabal install began installing
>> an *older* version of itself...

Duncan Coutts wrote:
> This is because the "default" version of cabal-install on hackage
> remains at 0.8.x. As soon as I bump this to 0.10.x then all existing
> users will get prompted to upgrade. I'd like a bit of confidence that
> this will not break everyone's existing setup, so I've not done it
> yet.

>> Downloading time-1.1.4...
>> <command line>: cannot satisfy -package Cabal-
>>    Cabal- is unusable due to
>> missing or recursive dependencies:
>>      process-

> This is part of the problem that cabal does not understand that there
> can be two instances of the same version of a package registered at
> once. We will shortly be working on a new solver that does understand
> this.



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