Applicative and parsec3

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at
Thu Jan 27 07:16:09 CET 2011


I'm using parsec3 with the applicative style. Since the functions in
Control.Applicative and parsec3 conflicts, I need to use the "hiding"
keyword as follows:

	import Control.Applicative hiding (many,optional,(<|>))
	import Text.Parsec

This is inconvenient for me. I would like to use them as follows:

	import Control.Applicative
	import Text.Parsec

Christian, the maintainer of parsec3, told me that it is possible to
use the functions of Control.Applicative in parsec3 instead of
implementing its own functions. But (<|>) of parsec3 is "infixr 1"
while that of Control.Applicative is "infixl 3".  This may be an

Any ideas to solve this issue?


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