Proposal: Applicative => Monad: Call for consensus

Antoine Latter aslatter at
Sun Jan 2 16:51:14 CET 2011

Okay, I still can't read. Now I was confusing this with the GHC only patch.

I'll back away slowly, now.

On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:49 AM, Antoine Latter <aslatter at> wrote:
> Ah! Yup, I just noticed.
> I can't read, apparently :-)
> Yeah, I get irritated whenever I come across a Monad instance and I
> cannot use the Applicative combinators. So I guess I'm in favor.
> Is there a reason this is appropriate for the libraries process? Do
> any of these changes spill out into the public interface of base or
> GHC.Ext?
> Sorry for the confusion,
> Antoine
> On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:46 AM, John Smith <voldermort at> wrote:
>> On 02/01/2011 14:04, John Smith wrote:
>>> Please note that although the ticket references the wiki page at
>>>, the
>>> patches attached to the ticket are much more
>>> conservative than the more ambitious reforms on the wiki. (I would like to
>>> change the ticket description to make this
>>> clearer, but I can't edit it.)
>> To clarify - this proposal is to implement just the patches attached to the
>> ticket, /not/ everything in the related wiki page.
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