Data.Text for parsec3

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at
Wed Feb 9 05:22:35 CET 2011


> I'm not sure that the libraries at is the best place to send
> patches. If you're interested in a wider discussion,
> haskel-cafe at is a great place to get feedback.

When I asked an Applicative issue to him before, he suggested to post
the issue to this ML. So, I thought that this is the best place. If
not, I will send patches directly to him from the next.

> Have you done any benchmarks for parsec Data.Text values? I had
> thought that most folks who have measured it have ended up not too
> happy.

No. What kind of benchmark is appealing? Comparing it with ByteString?

Are there alredy any benchmark code as a good start point?


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