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Sat Dec 24 03:16:38 CET 2011

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Gwern Branwen <gwern0 at> wrote:
> 17:52:34 < goodgrue> Is there a way to change the environment
> variables associated with Xmonad.Prompt.Shell at runtime?  e.g. I'd
> like to be able to modify $http_proxy and have that affect
> subsequently launched processes.
> 17:55:31 < gwern> goodgrue: that'd be kind of hard. you could prepend
> a mpodification of $HTTP_PROXY to each command
> 17:56:10 < gwern> ideally you'd modify xmonad's own environment
> 17:56:33 < goodgrue> gwern: yeah, the latter is what I was thinking
> of. is that possible?
> 17:57:08 < gwern> shell uses `getEnv` from System.Environment but
> there's no setEnv!
> 17:57:21 < gwern> if there were, you could probably bind it to a key
> and use a prompt
> 17:58:44 < goodgrue> Hm...sounds like this may be a nice piece of
> missing functionality. is there any reason you can think of that i
> wouldn't be able to implement setEnv myself?
> 17:59:04 < gwern>
> 17:59:14 < gwern> looks like 'putEnv' may be the real name

Ping. This was a very simple patch; am I really going to have to file
a bug and everything?

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