Proposal: Replace QSem, QSemN, SampleVar in base

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Tue Apr 12 15:48:03 CEST 2011

This is my first proposal to change some things in "base" and I trust
that my request is not going to be perfect.

The packages that I am proposing to change are all in Control.Concurrent
and build on MVars: QSem, QSemN, and SampleVar.  I wish to change them
because this will fix an important bug they have in common.  Who needs
to approve of the following proposed change?

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All three of QSem, QSemN, and SampleVar create an abstraction and
attempt to maintain an invariant or behavior.  QSem and QSemN present
the abstraction of a conserved quantity.  SampleVar wishes to maintain a
single updatable value.

All three have in common that waiting on a semaphore or read the sample
var will block if there is no quantity or value present.  There can be
many thread blocked in this way.

All three abstractions fail to maintain their integrity in the case
where one of the blocked waiters gets interrupted.  This is not a random
or rare failure, they abstraction always fails after the first waiter
dies.  Thus the root cause of the problem is that these modules were
written with the unenforced and undocumented assumption that none of the
waiters can be interrupted.

The specific failure with QSem and QSemN is that signaling the semaphore
will pass quantity to the already interrupted waiter.  This quantity
leak cannot be prevented by the user of module with clever exception
handling.  This leak will likely cause some or all future attempts to
wait on the semaphore to block indefinitely.

The specific failure with SampleVar is that writeSampleVar and
emptySampleVar will trust the no longer correct count of blocked
readers.  These methods can then block indefinitely.  This is triggered
by: newEmptySampleVar, readSampleVar, kill the blocked reader,
writeSampleVar, writeSampleVar.  The writeSampleVar should never more
than momentarily block, so this indefinite block turns the SampleVar
into acting like a regular MVar.  Also, isEmptySampleVar will no longer
ever read full once the SampleVar is broken.

All of these three modules can be replaced with MSem, MSemN, and
MSampleVar in the SafeSemaphore package (on hackage).  These allow the
same operations as those in base but without the above flaw.  If a
waiter dies in the new modules then the waiter will have had no effect
on the quantity or value.  Slightly surprisingly, these improved modules
all have simpler implementations.  I have also expanded the APIs to
expose additional useful operations that can be performed.  Finally, I
have changed the names in the new modules to be less verbose as the
community style has evolved to use qualified imports.

There is a vanishingly small change someone depends on the flawed
behavior of the base modules.  I propose to ignore this possibility and
replace the old modules with thin layers around SafeSemaphore.

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