Proposal: Better power for Rational

Henning Thielemann schlepptop at
Sat Sep 25 12:27:41 EDT 2010

Simon Peyton-Jones schrieb:
> Dear Daniel
> Thank for your proposals to improve Haskell's numerics.  We have long needed someone who was willing to devote some time and attention to this area.
> Can I interest you in a number of open tickets?
>  #4101: constant folding for (**)
>  #3676: realToFrac conversions
>  #3744: comparisons against minBound and maxBound are not optimised away
>  #3065: quot is sub-optimal
>  #2269: Word type to Double or Float conversions
>  #2271: floor, ceiling, round :: Double -> Int are awesomely slow
>  #1434: slow conversion Double to Int

For the rounding issue I have already written some code for numeric-prelude:

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