The libraries proposal process and containers

Don Stewart dons at
Fri Sep 24 13:07:27 EDT 2010

Milan just pushed all the following patches directly to the containers
repo, and closed all the tickets associated with the effort.

      * Fix warnings in Data.Map and Data.Set.
      * Finish the started worker/wrapper transformation.
      * Merge all the OPTIONS and LANGUAGE module pragmas.
      * Remove most INLINE from Map, Set, IntMap and IntSet.
      * Comment tests and benchmarks on foldlWithKey' 
      * Worker/wrapper transformation for Data.IntSet.
      * Compile only the benchmark source, not the Data/*.hs.
      * Add criterion-based benchmark for IntSet.hs
      * Add a testsuite for Data.IntSet.
      * Further improve Data.Set balance function
      * Further improve Data.Map balance function
      * Changing delta to 3 in Data.Set.
      * Changing delta to 3 in Data.Map.
      * Correct Data.Set Arbitrary instance never to return unbalanced trees.
      * Correct Data.Map Arbitrary instance never to return unbalanced trees.
      * Improve Data.Set benchmark.
      * Improve benchmark infrastructure and Data.Map benchmark
      * Improve the performance of Data.Set balance function
      * Improve the performance of Data.Map balance function.
      * Improve performance of Data.Set union and difference operations
      * Improve performance of Data.Map union* and difference operations
      * Make the Set store the elements evaluated (bang added).

Have *any* of these patches been proposed for review? containers is a
critical library, and under libraries@ maintainance. This is not what
you do prior to a release.

Ian, Simon M.: did you get a chance to sign off on this?

-- Don

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