ANNOUNCE: iteratee-parsec 0.0.4

Martijn van Steenbergen martijn at
Mon Sep 6 04:40:48 EDT 2010

On 8/28/10 1:48, Maciej Piechotka wrote:
> Iteratee-parsec is a library which allows to have a parsec (3) parser in
> Iteratee monad.
> It contains 2 implementations:
> - John Lato's on public domain. It is based on monoid and design with
> short parsers in mind.
> - Mine on MIT. It is based on single-linked mutable list. It seems to be
> significantly faster for larger parsers - at least in some cases - but
> it requires a monad with references (such as for example IO or ST).

Your Reference class is very useful on its own. Do you think you could 
move it to a separate package? And perhaps rename it class 
MonadReference (or MonadRef), similar to other monad type classes.


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