Hackage compilation problem

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 13:20:52 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I am working on a new package to be released on Hackage
(grammar-combinators, release not yet announced). It compiles fine on
my system (debian testing, special purpose test user with a pristine
~/.cabal), but the Hackage build log shows the below error message
(full version on

It seems this error is caused by a transitive dependency (the random
package) requiring two versions of the time package (?), which does
not show in that package's .cabal file. I cannot reproduce the problem
locally and have no idea what might be causing them. I would much
appreciate it if anyone with some more cabal/hackage experience could
take a look and comment on the issue.

Thanks in advance for any help or comment,
Dominique Devriese

Warning: This package indirectly depends on multiple versions of the same
package. This is highly likely to cause a compile failure.
package polyparse-1.4 requires haskell98-
package uu-parsinglib-2.5.5 requires haskell98-
package haskell98- requires random-
package haskell98- requires random-
package random- requires time-1.1.4
package random- requires time-
/usr/local/bin/ghc --make -package-name grammar-combinators-0.1
-hide-all-packages -fbuilding-cabal-package -i -idist/build -i.
-idist/build/autogen -Idist/build/autogen -Idist/build -optP-include
-optPdist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h -odir dist/build -hidir
dist/build -stubdir dist/build -package-id
MaybeT-0.1.2-604a5b30a99ce43ac16f2d5b237f30f7 -package-id
base- -package-id
containers- -package-id
enumerable-0.0.3-31d1bc40fd7c52b3d83d685e52627d98 -package-id
fgl- -package-id
graphviz-2999.10.0.1-50e6cb683e6a2c39de754bd71e19785e -package-id
mtl- -package-id
multirec-0.4.1-e036b72652c0c1f66e2511984d48035d -package-id
parsec-3.1.0-53d2f726d0bc8967e0f6d7424588dca7 -package-id
template-haskell- -package-id
uu-parsinglib-2.5.5-40a637b80a29d05a831a175c3f9a060e -O -Wall
Text.GrammarCombinators.Base.Domain (...)
<command line>: cannot satisfy -package-id
    uu-parsinglib-2.5.5-40a637b80a29d05a831a175c3f9a060e is unusable
due to missing or recursive dependencies:
    (use -v for more information)

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