Summary and call for discussion on text proposal

Simon Hengel simon.hengel at
Sun Nov 7 13:11:07 EST 2010

> Another point I would like to make is that unless I'm mistaken, even
> if text is accepted into the platform, that doesn't mean that
> maintainership of the library is assigned to libraries at it
> stays with Bryan. Given that he's repeatedly stated that the API is
> the way that it is because that's the way he *wants* it to be, and he
> has a plausible rationale for this, this entire discussion is MOOT and
> we should immediately stop wasting time and move to a vote on
> accepting text as-is.

To me, this sounds very reasonable.  For me consistency within one
package is much more important than striving for ultimate consistency
within the hp.  And I absolutely agree with the point, that the author
of a library is in charge to ensure that consistency.

Just my two cents.


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