Bug in Parsec.Token

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Mar 4 14:04:27 EST 2010

> Ross Paterson wrote:
> > How about moving parsec-3 to a new name, and bumping parsec-2 to version 4?
> In "ANNOUNCE: Parsec 3.1.0" yesterday, Derrek Elkins wrote:
> > the performance should be much better and comparable to Parsec 2
> Even with the recent release of Parsec 3.1, I'd prefer Parsec 3 be
> given a new name (ParsecT?) and we bump parsec-2 to version 4.  It's
> great the two projects implement the same interface, but to call it
> Version 3 is basically to say that Version 2 is obsolete, which I
> don't think is necessarily true.  I personally use Parsec 2 simply
> because its documentation is outstanding and I understand the
> implementation well.
> Would you guys be willing to change the name in Hackage?

Derek, as maintainer of the parsec3 code, would you be willing to rename
it to ParsecT? Or some such?

That would solve the final compat. issue with the Haskell Platform (now
QC2 is resolved).

-- Don

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