Bug in Parsec.Token

Greg Fitzgerald garious at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 13:50:06 EST 2010

Ross Paterson wrote:
> How about moving parsec-3 to a new name, and bumping parsec-2 to version 4?

In "ANNOUNCE: Parsec 3.1.0" yesterday, Derrek Elkins wrote:
> the performance should be much better and comparable to Parsec 2

Even with the recent release of Parsec 3.1, I'd prefer Parsec 3 be
given a new name (ParsecT?) and we bump parsec-2 to version 4.  It's
great the two projects implement the same interface, but to call it
Version 3 is basically to say that Version 2 is obsolete, which I
don't think is necessarily true.  I personally use Parsec 2 simply
because its documentation is outstanding and I understand the
implementation well.

Would you guys be willing to change the name in Hackage?


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