GTK+ for gtk2hs Re: Most popular libraries not in the HP

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Mon Jul 19 06:23:09 EDT 2010

Heinrich Apfelmus schrieb:
> Axel Simon wrote:
>> I hope that the Aqua port of Gtk+ will mature eventually and that Gtk+
>> reaches a similar look-and-feel as Qt on the major three platforms. It
>> will never be perfect, but if there's some sort of abstraction for the
>> menu bar and some good themes, then it might be acceptable to most
>> people.
> For me, it's mostly a question of stability and "zippiness". I accept
> Gimp but I don't like Inkscape, for example.
>> Having Gtk2Hs in the platform would then be very convenient as it
>> would relieve the user from the burden of installing all those
>> different binary libraries. I am not willing to invest the time to
>> provide a Mac and Windows installer just for Gtk2Hs since then I
>> always have to track the ghc and platform releases and opens a lot of
>> different platform problems that cabal currently abstracts for me.
> Ah, using cabal for Gtk2Hs is fine, the Haskell side usually works very
> well. What I had in mind is that it ships a compiled version of the
> corresponding Gtk+ libraries, because the real pain on MacOS is to
> install those. There was a precompiled Gtk+ framework if I remember
> correctly, but that one seems to be unsupported nowadays; or one can
> install from source but that takes hours and then you'll run into at
> least one compilation error and throw up your arms in desperation.

We (still) use
that I originally obtained from
(They ship now)

Note: gtk2-framework.dmg is non-Aqua and relies on X11.

HTH Christian

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