nubBy, groupBy specification

Sebastian Fischer sebf at
Sat Jan 2 21:07:15 EST 2010

On Jan 3, 2010, at 1:03 AM, Cale Gibbard wrote:

>    nubBy' (y:ys) xs
>       | elem_by eq y xs = nubBy' ys xs

I wonder why the author of this code did not use "any (eq y)" instead  
of "elem_by eq y" as "elem_by" is not exported anyway. Does "elem_by"  
compile to more efficient code?

The version with "any" could be "fixed" (made equivalent to the report  
version) easily by using "any (`eq` y)".

The comment on "elem_by" gives me the impression that the semantics of  
"nubBy" was changed by accident in the new version and I agree that it  
should be fixed.

Or maybe the semantics was changed on purpose in order to annoy people  
that ignore the precondition that Cale proposes to relax (;

+1 for the relaxation.


Underestimating the novelty of the future is a time-honored tradition.

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