Proposal: Change to library proposal process

Mitar mmitar at
Mon Dec 27 23:48:28 CET 2010


Why not have discussions in the ticket? In our projects we have been
doing that for some time now (instead of the mailing list) and it
showed beneficial: you keep all things in the one place, Trac also
supports replies and quoting and most importantly afterwards
everything is well documented in the same place. So when again the
same question pops up you can just link a ticket where everything is
there (while running up and down the discussion thread in mailing list
archives depends on the archive engine and sometimes those links gets
invalidated, patches (attachments) not archived, etc). It is easier to
discuss code (as you have code formatting). People who are interested
for change can also subscribe (CC) to it. And we also have a special
mailing list where all changes to tickets go to so if somebody want to
follow things in his/her mail reader it is still possible to do that.
(And every mail there has a reply-to link, so it is easy to reply.)

We could also require, that all tickets about library changes has to
have libraries at as CC to ease transition.


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