Library proposals

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Sat Dec 11 23:44:27 CET 2010

> If that's the consensus then we need volunteers to maintain:
> haskell2010
> haskell98

These packages should now be fixed and immutable, save for errata.  I  
suggest the relevant language report editor (or maintainer) would be  
responsible for applying errata patches?

> array
> directory
> old-locale
> old-time
> random

Weren't these five basically the Haskell'98 standard libraries but  
with new hierarchical names?  If so, then perhaps the two "old-" ones  
can simply be dropped, and the other three either folded back into the  
haskell2010 package (or an appropriate successor)?  Unless a willing  
volunteer appears of course.

> base

Isn't base already largely maintained de facto by the GHC team?

> containers
> hpc
> mtl
> pretty

All of these either have obvious authors, or have recently seen love  
and attention from particular contributors.  Perhaps those authors/ 
contributors could be encouraged to take on maintenance?

> extensible-exceptions

> integer-gmp
> process
> template-haskell
> unix
> win32

So I guess this bunch is the rump that may be trickier to find good  
homes for.


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