DEPRECATED foldWithKey "Use foldrWithKey instead"

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Thu Dec 9 17:54:50 CET 2010


Libraries will change. You will have to update your code. This is
inevitable unless you want us to freeze everything. If you're still on
6.10.4 you need to expect problems soon anyway. Few package authors
support more than three compiler versions (and many only the one
they're using themselves).

If you want to hold off upgrading your code you can put an upper bound
on the package dependency in the Cabal file (you should do that

If someone changes something, assume that they do so for a reason.
Don't so yelling on the list that someone should change it back just
because you say to. Ask: "I see that X changed. I'm curious about the
reason. Personally, it gives me problem Z and I would like to know if
having Z is necessary."

Working with the libraries process is annoying enough as it is that I
don't really feel like also having to deal with people second guessing
all the decisions we make.


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