Data.IntMap/IntSet inconsistencies

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Wed Nov 4 14:57:40 EST 2009

> 2) the types are not general enough : like zip you should be able to
> take functions f : a->b->c instead of what intersectionWith forces you
> to do (f: a->b->a).

According to my documentation, the type of intersectionWith *is* (f :: a ->
b -> c).

On another note, with respect to my proposed change:  I concede that it
might be too general for some people.  Here's a simpler change that I'd
like: to be able to project information out of a value and modify it
simultaneously, so simply

alterProject :: (Maybe a -> (z, Maybe a)) -> k -> Map k a -> (z, Map k a )

for a specific key.

and perhaps something similar for the min/max operations.  I'd very much
like to be able to do more general things than just min/max operations with
this sort of generality -- hence the Alternative approach in my original

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