[network] #5: getAddrInfo and addrFamily not in scope on Windows GHC 6.8

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Wed May 13 02:40:26 EDT 2009

#5: getAddrInfo and addrFamily not in scope on Windows GHC 6.8
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 This is really ugly to deal with.  I've got tentative code that ''should''
 (but doesn't) detect {{{getaddrinfo}}} on Windows properly.  Easy, right?

 The base problem is that a working version of the function wasn't
 introduced until Windows XP, but there's a cheeeezy hack for ''some''
 earlier releases that tries to find a half-working version in
 {{{wship6.dll}}} via a runtime probe.

 Gruesome details near the end of this page:

 Gruesome details, part deux, in this thread:

 Because autoconf goes out of its way to find a nice clean definition of a
 function, it's not even straightforward to write a correct autoconf macro
 to find {{{getaddrinfo}}} correctly on Windows. I'm trying to set the
 {{{WINVER}}} macro to {{{0x0501}}} (aka {{{WindowsXP}}}), but autoconf is
 undoing my work by deliberately doing a {{{#undef getaddrinfo}}}. It's all
 rather confusing.

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