problems encountered installing/upgrading Cabal

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sun Jun 21 13:11:18 EDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-06-21 at 12:45 +0100, Iain Barnett wrote:

> first attempt:
> iainb$ darcs get
> iainb$ sudo sh

Just switch to the released version and that should work fine (or if you
really really want a darcs version then use the stable branch rather
than the head branch).

> I don't seem to understand what I'm supposed to do, or why is  
> the lib being used when it's not in the pkg list.

Programs built with ghc are statically linked. So it can still be using
the old lib even after that lib has been removed.

> Does anyone know how I can get cabal-install to use the new library?

It's not dynamically linked, you need to build cabal-install against the
new library (which is what will happen when you run the


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