was 6.10.3 prerelease

Iain Barnett iainspeed at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 07:44:56 EDT 2009

On 20 Jun 2009, at 1:31 pm, Yusaku Hashimoto wrote:

> It is problem about the library for dealing OS process. This bug is  
> fixed, and fixed version of process is in the repository. You can  
> check out latest library from http://darcs.haskell.org/packages/ 
> process and replace the library in the build directory (libraries/ 
> process).
> If you are bothered to this, you can just comment-in a line 90  
> (maybe near of here...) in libraries/process/cbits/runProcess.c to  
> disableItimers() in the child process.
> HTH,
> Hashimoto

The patch worked, inasmuch as I now get different errors! Thankyou  
for your reply, it's much appreciated. I'll keep plugging away...


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