Three patches for cabal

Sittampalam, Ganesh ganesh.sittampalam at
Thu Jun 18 03:12:40 EDT 2009

Duncan Coutts wrote:

> Niklas's and my point is
> that the list of language extensions in Language.Haskell.Exceptions
> are differences from H98 so it should be MonoPatBinds to get the
> difference not NoMonoPatBinds to restore H98.      

> In practise, since ghc uses MonoPatBinds by default it'd mean that
> people who want to get back to H98 would need to use: 
>   ghc-options: -XNoMonoPatBinds
> Because the extensions field is additive, not subtractive. Using the
> name MonoPatBinds allows other compilers to implement it without it
> having to be the default.  

In general I think there is a reasonable case for special treatment for
exceptions to H98 that have been accepted for haskell-prime.

However in this case the idea of having monomorphic pattern bindings has
been rejected from haskell-prime, so I'm in favour of calling it


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