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Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Tue Jun 16 19:40:45 EDT 2009

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Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> The Yampa people and I (the Grapefruit maintainer) already agreed to introduce 
> a top-level FRP namespace instead of putting FRP under Control or whatever. 
> Graphics.UI is a bad choice in my opinion, since not all user interfaces are 
> graphical (ncurses) and for those who are, it’s not so important anymore that 
> they are (it was important in the 1980ies). So it might be good to change 
> Graphics.UI to just UI. Then we might want to change Graphics.Rendering to 
> just Graphics.
> What do others think?

I prefer this too. UI and Graphics are different things: doing stuff 
with images is graphics but not UI, while ncurses or even a command-line 
  is UI but not graphics.

Ashley Yakeley

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