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On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 11:24 AM, Sven Panne <Sven.Panne at> wrote:

> One point here is debatable: Do we really need the ".Rendering" part in the
> package name or would simply "Graphics.OpenGL.Raw" be enough? We discussed
> the
> structure of the hierarchy when hierarchical packages were in their
> infancy,
> many years ago, and it was consensus then to distinguish between
> "Graphics.Rendering" and "Graphics.UI". I don't have very strong feelings
> about ".Rendering" and ".UI", and if the consensus nowadays is to remove
> it,
> I'll be happy to change this. But let's move the discussion about this to
> the
> libraries mailing list.

Perhaps it's time to overhaul the hierarchy. Some top level module
namespaces like Network have become very crowded. Network is a very generic
name that it conveys very little information today when most software has a
network component. I suggest that parts of it be broken out into new top
level modules. As a first step I suggest we create a new Http (and not HTTP
with all caps please) module where we can have:



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