Adding a newtype EndoCategory to Control.Category (ticket #3362)

roconnor at roconnor at
Wed Jul 8 16:18:47 EDT 2009

On Wed, 8 Jul 2009, Edward Kmett wrote:

> Yeah, it would probably have to have a new name because it does have a different kind than the existing
> Endo. GEndo was the best I could come up with that didn't sound verbose (GeneralizedEndo, CategoricalEndo)
> or like it was naming the wrong thing (EndoCategory). I'm not wedded to the name by any means.
> Note: a type synonym,
> > type Endo = GEndo (->)
> like you mentioned would work, but has the downside that it may require clients that provided instances for
> Endo to add TypeSynonymInstances where they previously hadn't and I'm not sure how folks would feel about
> that.

Oh, that is a quite a downside.  I wonder if we can get cabal stats on 
this without difficulty.

As for the name, I'd be happy with the EndoMorphism suggestion given. 
Although it is a bit longish.  I'd also be happy with EndoMorph.

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