exposing hidden packages with runghc

Iain Barnett iainspeed at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 09:44:36 EDT 2009

2009/7/1 Gwern Branwen <gwern0 at gmail.com>

> Cabal by default hides everything listed in ghc-pkg, only
> making available the ones listed in the .cabal file. So a solution to
> your problem would be something like editing http.cabal and adding
> array to the build-depends field.
> --
> gwern

that threw up syntax errors, obviously I was screwing up something I found
out that cabal installs locally by default but runghc installs globally by
default, so I went back and reinstalled  everything with the --user flag and
this fixed the problem, regarding installing packages and hiding, that is.

2009/7/1 Daniel Fischer <daniel.is.fischer at web.de>

> But why are you trying to build such an outdated cabal-install?
Because I've had a lot of trouble installing the latest versions, and found
Dependency Hell to be just as bad as Version Hell was before .Net on
Windows, so I've been trying to work up the versions from the beginning, on
the logic that they should have less dependencies as there weren't as many
things to depend on. Then I have some sort of foundation to use.

2009/7/1 Duncan Coutts <duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk>

> > This is on a Debian 5.1 machine with GHC 6.8.2 and 6.8.3 on it.
> The latest version of cabal-install should work fine there.
> Duncan

Unless you've actually tried installing it on there lately, then I'd have to
disagree. I've now got GHC 6.10.3 running and Cabal, and all the
packages needed for cabal-install, and still, it won't go on using runghc or
ghc to build it.

I will keep on trying, and when it's done I'll try and work out how to
package it for Debian so it just works, and helps keep the suicide/murder
rate down.

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