ANN: bindings-0.1

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at
Thu Apr 30 22:28:04 EDT 2009

>> These guidelines, actually, are community driven. You can find
>> the current set here:

 > Prefixing uppercase with underscore seems wrong; some people
 > think we should have "caseless underscore".  Is simply
 > lowercasing the first letter a bad policy?

No. As long as it is a policy. If I get feedback, anything can
be changed.

 >> "All foreign functions are declared safe. Also, they should
 >> all result in a System.IO.IO, even when they are supposed
 >> to be effect-free."

 > This may be insufficient for some speed purposes: probably
 > we'll just wait and see.

Yes, maybe I'm beeing paranoid here. There are many ways in
which exceptions can be safely accepted.

 > class Bindings.Utilities.Callback confuses me. Do you have
 > an example where it's used/needed?

The point here was just to avoid a complicated policy on callback
names. To see an example, check the C code in the botton of the
page below:

There's a corresponding file named '5minutes.hs' in the
distribution where a callback type is used. Maybe a different
policy on how to type and use callbacks could be done.

 > (...) For binding to fancier languages such as Python (even if
 > we had the technology to do so), some further design decisions
 > might have to be made.

Sure. Thanks for your thoughts!

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