ANN: bindings-0.1

Isaac Dupree ml at
Thu Apr 30 21:22:52 EDT 2009

Maurício wrote:
> These guidelines, actually, are community driven. You can find
> the current set here:

Prefixing uppercase with underscore seems wrong; some people think we should 
have "caseless underscore".  Is simply lowercasing the first letter a bad 

"All foreign functions are declared safe. Also, they should all result in a 
System.IO.IO, even when they are supposed to be effect-free."  This may be 
insufficient for some speed purposes: probably we'll just wait and see.

class Bindings.Utilities.Callback confuses me. Do you have an example where 
it's used/needed?

This generally looks practical for bindings to C.  For binding to fancier 
languages such as Python (even if we had the technology to do so), some 
further design decisions might have to be made.


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