2008-10-11 Hackage status with GHC 6.10

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Oct 16 14:40:13 EDT 2008

> | RULES are always parsed (no flags or language extensions needed). They
> | also go into the .hi files (unless you use the obscure option to change
> | that), so they are exported for all client modules.
> The latter isn't true, and I think that's what Henning is objecting to.
> Currently, without -O GHC puts the absolute minimum in interface files
> to get the clients to compile: just the exports and their types.  For
> example, if you have
>         f x = x
> GHC will not put that unfolding in the interface file, tiny though it
> is.
> Currently without -O GHC therefore does *not* put RULES in the
> interface file.  I thought that was consistent, since they are to do
> with optimisation.
> If, however, there's a consensus that RULES should be persisted even
> without -O, that'd be easy to arrange. For example, I think that
> deprecations are persisted unconditionally.

So the next build with GHC 6.10 branch we should no longer see
'forall' parse failures from hackage libraries that use RULES?

-- Don

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