How to expose cabal-generated installation paths?

Peter Simons simons at
Mon Nov 24 06:33:22 EST 2008


please pardon me if this question is not appropriate for this forum or
if there is a document that answers my question already. I had no better
idea but to ask here and I'd be happy to receive pointers into the right

Recently, I received a patch for the FuncMP package [1] that exposes the
Cabal-generated "Paths_funcmp" module. It appears, however, that Cabal
doesn't find that module when running the 'haddock' target:

 | Creating dist/doc/html/funcmp (and its parents)
 | Preprocessing library funcmp-1.2...
 | Running hscolour for funcmp-1.2...
 | Creating dist/doc/html/funcmp/src (and its parents)
 | /usr/local/bin/HsColour -print-css -odist/doc/html/funcmp/src/hscolour.css
 | cabal-setup: can't find source for module Paths_funcmp

The complete log is available at [2].

Does anyone know, by any chance, a simple way to remedy that problem?



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