Arch Haskell News: Nov 23 2008

Don Stewart dons at
Sun Nov 23 23:25:13 EST 2008

News about Haskell on Arch Linux

    * Arch now has 734 Haskell packages now
    * That’s an increase of 29 new packages in the last 8 days!
    * 3.6 new Haskell releases are occuring each day.

    * haskell-hledger-0.2: “A ledger-compatible text-based accounting tool.”
    * gitit-0.3.1: “Wiki using HAppS, git, and pandoc.”
    * lhc-20081121: “Lhc Haskell Compiler”
    * haskell-hosc-0.6: “Haskell Open Sound Control”
    * haskell-flickr-0.3.2: “Haskell binding to the Flickr API”
    * haskell-delicious-0.3.2: “Accessing the APIs from Haskell (v2)”
    * haskell-mediawiki 0.2.3: “Interfacing with the MediaWiki API”
    * darcs- “a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system”

Full update list,

-- Don

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