haddock: record types with partially exported fields

Misha Aizatulin avatar at hot.ee
Wed May 28 11:42:11 EDT 2008


   attached (M1) is an example of a situation, where haddock hides all 
fields of a record, just because one field is hidden. The result is that 
the other field is not shown in the documentation as well, even though 
it is exported.

   As an example for why hiding certain fields of a record might make 
sense, consider M2. There we export two functions for decomposing T: f 
and g, whereas f is a class function that can be used for other 
datatypes as well, and g is a function specific to T. The ugly fT 
function is hidden from the user.

   I'd wish myself a haddock output in which T would be shown in record 
style, but there would be a blank instead of fT or maybe something like 


P.S. What's the right place to talk about haddock by the way?
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