Data.Time questions

Don Stewart dons at
Sun May 11 20:17:56 EDT 2008

> Dear all,
> I've implemented 'ParseTime' and 'Read' instances for 'AbsoluteTime'.
> Before submitting a patch I want to confirm with you that they belong
> in 'Data.Time.Format.Parse' as opposed to 'Data.Time.Clock.TAI'. Is
> this correct?
> I'm doing work on additional time coordinates of interest to e.g.
> astrodynamicists. In particular Terrestrial Time (TT = TAI + 32.184
> seconds, previously known as Terrestrial Dynamical Time or TDT) and
> perhaps Geocentric Coordinate Time (TCG) and others. Would you be
> interested in receiving patches with these rather esoteric time
> coordinates? If not I'll release them in a new "time-astro" package.

'space-time' would be a nice package name.

    import System.Time.Space


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