Character escape codes in Parsec

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at
Sun Mar 30 15:04:08 EDT 2008

On 3/30/08, Philippa Cowderoy <flippa at> wrote:
> My guess is it's not particularly "supposed" to be doing much, but it
>  munches Char and so Unicode input is a distinct possibility. I'd also
>  guess that after the \ it just reuses the existing hex literal function
>  which definitely does need to handle arbitrary length .

Well, yes, but I'd like to know what the spec is. If there is one, anyway!

>  My approach is simple: when in doubt, write your own lexing functions - at
>  least that way any nasty surprises are your own fault!

I'll do so if it comes to that, but if it's truly a bug, I'd prefer it
to be fixed so that everyone can enjoy the results (even if it's me
who ends up fixing it :-)


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