Defunct packages (was: inotify bindings)

Don Stewart dons at
Fri Mar 21 13:56:22 EDT 2008

> >  Sorry about that. Can you delete system-inotify from Hackage? Probably
> >  best not to have two, almost identical, packages.
> Putting this in a more general perspective - how do you mark a package
> in Hackage defunct? If there's a newer package with the same name
> superceding an older one then it's not a problem. But if you have no
> newer package, what then?
> To be specific, I'm wondering what to do with the hspr package that
> will be discontinued in the new upcoming HSP release. It would be
> great to have a flag somewhere that marks it deprecated.

Yes, marking things as either "broken" or "deprecated", and filtering
them from the default view, would be a good feature.

-- Don

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