Package spam :-)

Don Stewart dons at
Wed Jun 18 16:11:25 EDT 2008

As author Adrian, you can ask to have them removed.

Gwern: do not upload other people's packages, if they're active! It is
impolite, and leads to far too much broken code.

In particular, doing random forks of existing packages with their own
matainers *is not helpful* -- it just leads to broken, unmaintained code.

Adrian, as these packages simply fork needlessly, or aren't of suitable
quality, I think you can ask Ross to remove them.

> Hello folks in general and GwernBranwen in particular :-)
> I don't want to seem ungratful, but I see a lot of the old "new"
> collections repository has been uploaded to Hackage as separate packages
> but it really shouldn't be there IMHO. AFAIK most of this stuff has
> never been properly tested and is in any case not being actively worked
> on or maintained any more.
> AvlTree and COrdering have been thoroughly tested and are already in
> Hackage as separate packages. These are not being worked on or
> maintained by anyone either, but they are the latest official releases
> that anyone interested should use.
> The generalised trie stuff is what Jamie Brandon is working on for his
> GSOC project.
> The relevant packages are:
> Data-Tree-AVL 0.4
> Data-COrdering 0.4
> Data-Trie-General 0.4
> collections-base-instances 0.4
> collections-rangedsets-instances 0.4
> collections-api 0.4
> enumsets 0.4
> collections-avl 0.4
> Data-Trie-General-OrdGT 0.4
> collections 0.4

-- Don

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