hscurses under wrong category

Ross Paterson ross at soi.city.ac.uk
Fri Jul 11 20:22:27 EDT 2008

On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 01:04:11AM +0100, Duncan Coutts wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 21:12 +0200, Henning Thielemann wrote:
> > I suggested that introduction of new categories should not be restricted, 
> > but at least a warning and a question should be raised if you introduce a 
> > new category, because it may only be the difference between "User 
> > Interface" and "User-Interface". The downside is, that introducing new 
> > categories in order to place "unique" packages is too tempting.
> It is indeed already a warning.

New top-level module hierarchies get a warning at the moment, but not
new categories.

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