HSQL defunct?

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Sun Jan 20 00:05:33 EST 2008

Frederik Eaton wrote:

> Is there going to be a new maintainer for HSQL? I have submitted a
> number of patches to fix some painful bugs. It's been almost a year
> since my previous enquiry and the last release was December 15, 2005,
> over two years ago:

I think that if it's sat moribund for this long, you could reasonably
declare yourself the maintainer by fiat.  Some OSS communities have a
formal process for declaring packages as orphaned, but I don't think
we're big enough for that.

If you don't mind the idea of taking the HSQL package over, perhaps you
should follow the same steps Don did with the X11 package:

* declare your intention to take over in a message to libraries@
* wait a week for someone to pop up with an objection
* if nobody does, upload a new release with your fixes to Hackage


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