Haddock 2.1.0 does not generate inter-module references

Milan Straka fox at ucw.cz
Fri Feb 22 09:05:18 EST 2008


I uploaded package lazyarray-0.1.2 into hackageDB.
The haddock-generated documentation uses Haddock 2.1.0
[that's written at the bottom of the page].

The inter-module references are broken, including
my own [reference to my other modules 'Data.LazyArray.lArray'] 
and references to array modules ['Data.Array.MArray.unsafeFreeze'].
By broken I mean that the whole text Data.LazyArray.lArray
is visible and it is not a reference.

Whats more, for "Array" type, no references are generated
in the type declarations [for class Ix, they are].

Moreover, I referenced "Data.IntMap" and "Data.Map" in the
documentation. Some references are generated, but
they point to the void [inside mine own package].
Is this because I do not have containers package in base-depends?
But I do not depend on that package, I just want to reference it.

Have a nice day,
Milan Straka

PS: I write because you asked for it on the "Upload" page
in the Hackage. If you know all this, sorry for bothering :)

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